June 4, 2020

Red Dragons Store Launch

Red Dragons are delighted to launch the team store. In conjunction with Gamers Apparel Red Dragons are offering it’s team jersey, team jacket as well as some branded products.

Team Jersey

We’ve been working with Gamers Apparel designers to give our players, community and fans gear that whilst proudly shows off the Red Dragons branding also looks stylish enough to wear away from events.

Team Jacket

In looking for a partner for our gear Gamers Apparel we’re an obvious choice with connections to EpicLan and the UK scene, a keen eye for design and high quality products we’re sure that Gamers Apparel and Red Dragons is a match made in heaven.

Branded Gear

As well as our team jersey and team jacket we’ve also got a small offering of branded gear. Our selection was heavily influence by items that would be useful at offline events as well as being wearable on a daily basis outside events.

We hope you’re as excited about our merch as we are!

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