March 26, 2020

FoFoG Becomes Red Dragons

FoFoG Logo

Forged Force Gaming becomes…

We at FoFoG have been really excited at the recent boom we have seen not only in Starcraft 2 globally but also within our own very special UK scene. 

All FoFoG management and several of our prominent players recently attended EPIC29 and were blown away by the passion and enthusiasm there is for Starcraft 2 in the UK right now. Whilst FoFoG has always taken good numbers to epicLAN we have seen a large increase in interest from other teams and individuals. 

With this in mind we have decided that FoFoG could do with a new look with the ultimate goal to take advantage of the recent boom to secure its future as a top UK Starcraft 2 team.

Red Dragons Logo

Red Dragons

We at FoFoG, henceforth known as Red Dragons or ЯD, would like to introduce you to the future of our team. 

Inspired by the large number of UK players that we have, we wanted to pay homage to our roots and more specifically Wales from where Forged Force Gaming originated. With this new name and logo we feel as though we can project within just a few moments exactly what we’re all about. With our two dragons, Forged and Force, by our side we think we can use this makeover to take our team to places it’s never been before.

We would also like to announce the launch of a new website located at which will further enhance our brand. Social media and Discord will follow soon.

Whilst we appreciate some people will be apprehensive about these large scale changes, we are confident that this is the right direction for the team to venture into. With a new brand, we will be able to look at making new partnerships and professional relationships to further increase our footprint within, not just the UK but. the european esports scene.