March 26, 2020

EPIC29 Results

EPIC29 turned out to be a very successful lan for both Starcraft in the UK and Forged Force Gaming.

First lets give a nod towards what was the biggest SC2 LAN EVER! for epicLAN and the UKSC2 comunity with a couple impressive records broken:

  • Record 41 signups smashing the previous record of 33
  • Record peak viewership of over 2800 and a record daily viewership

It was a fantastic event which went largely without a hitch. Now onto the results!

FoFoG took a total of 12 players to the event.

After Day 1 of the tournament FoFoG saw RazerBlader, TeebuL, Savage, Exolightning and Kray progress to the Code S Championship bracket by finishing in the top 2 of their groups. This meant that going into day 2 FoFoG had almost 1/3 of the top 16 players fighting it out for the top prize. This also meant that FoFoG had 7 players participating in the Code A tournament.

Day 2 of the tournament was one of the longest and most competitive days of Starcraft epiclan has ever seen. With the Code S bracket jammed full of Grandmaster players Kray and Exolightning ended up finishing 13th-16th with Savage going one round better finishing 8th-12th by beating Mix. RazerBlader came up against his teammate TeebuL early on into the winners bracket with TeebuL coming out victorious by a score of 3-1 and knocking RazerBlader into the losers bracket. TeebuL would advance on to the winners bracket final defeating former FoFoG member Spazymazy on the way before losing 3-1 to RiSky and getting knocked into the losers bracket final. RazerBlader fought through the toughest loser bracket you will see, beating AsTeR, GamerRichy, FIGARO and Spazymazy, before getting revenge on TeebuL in the loser bracket final to set up a match with RiSky in Sundays grand final.

In the Code A tournament Arcair, Magico, Flux and Fishert fell early on whilst Tao and Emtee would follow soon afterwards. The surprise of the tournament was FoFoG’s own Fazed who despite spending most of Day 1 fixing his computer was able to put up an impressive run defeating teammate Fishert and pre-tournament favourite Molten on his way to the Quarterfinanls before eventually losing to fellow Zerg Jeddrix 2-3.

Day 3 saw RazerBlader come up against his old nemesis RiSky. RiSky came from the winners bracket so took a 1-0 lead into the final bo7 but RazerBlader put a spanner in the works by taking the first two maps of the day to reverse the advantage and take a 2-1 lead. After a short break RiSky started looking his own self again and despite some very tight series was eventually able to win with a score of 4-2. This result meant that FoFoG held 2 of the top 3 finishes at Epiclan.

The code A tournament saw RedDain defeat Chelch 3-1 to win the code A tournament and a hours tutoring with ZAiN.

Congratulations to all winners and well done to all those who competed.

The next epiclan tournament will be held in July.

You can view the full brackets here >> Liquidpedia